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Patrick believes that an effective Judge must never lose site of these principles:

A judge's role is not the write the law, but to apply the laws as enacted by the legislature.

Each litigant is entitled to the dignity and respect of the Court system.  They have a right to rely upon the proper application of the rule of law.  Every case must be decided upon their own facts.

Family law cases necessarily require a court to exercise broad discretion.  Discretion must be guided by the public policy goals of the laws that apply in the case.  

Docket management requires a Court to be in session.  Rulings and dispositions must be timely, in order to be effective.

A Judge must represent the dignity and integrity of the Judicial System at all times.

Parental capability is not determined by a person's gender, religious preferences, or marital status.

A child has an absolute right to have a relationship with both parents provided that it is in the child's best interest.  


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